The impact of genomics on pathology

The impact of genomics on pathology

For many years, genomic techniques such as gene panel testing and fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) have been used to guide treatment decisions for cancer patients. Large-scale molecular studies have also identified new disease classifiers and highlighted the potential to gain prognostic and predictive information to influence patient management. Also, ‘mutational signatures’ or patterns of alterations across the genome have been identified for different cancer types, and some of these are being evaluated for their power to predict drug response and patient prognosis. Today the potential of the genomics revolution to transform personalised medicine is a focus of healthcare systems across the world, and the UK is leading the way with the 100,000 Genomes Project, as Dr Clare Craig and Professor Louise Jones explain.


UK NEQAS: coordinating  point-of-care testing

UK NEQAS: coordinating point-of-care testing

Point-of-care testing is vitally important in many areas of 21st-century healthcare, and requires medical laboratory overview to ensure a safe an efficient service. External quality assessment is an important aspect of this assurance, as this report illustrates.

Storage, archiving and  retrieval of bacteria and  fungi: overview and update

Storage, archiving and retrieval of bacteria and fungi: overview and update

Biobanking increases in importance as scientific development and research continues. Here, Mark Reed offers a brief, not on the high street, insight into what is now a complex science.

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