Intermediate imprecision: challenges and benefits using a simpler method

In this fourth article in his series on measurement uncertainty, Stephen MacDonald moves on to look at some of the lesser discussed points that need to be considered when calculating imprecision and its contribution to combined uncertainty.

Setting measurement uncertainty limits: a brief introduction to the issues

In this third article in his new series, Stephen MacDonald summarises some interesting highlights of the current understanding of analytical performance specifications and in particular how they are applied to measurement uncertainty.

Metrological traceability: examining the way to give our results meaning

With increased awareness of metrological traceability, both from an IVD manufacturer and end-user perspective, improvements in analytical methods are possible. In this second article in his new series on measurement uncertainty, Stephen MacDonald provides a detailed overview of the issues involved.

Evaluation of measurement uncertainty: Where we were and where we are going

In this first of a series of articles, Stephen MacDonald returns to the topic of assessing measurement uncertainty in the clinical laboratory, and provides an update on the current situation and provides a taster of what will be covered in future articles.

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