Specialist support to meet IVD regulations

Dr John Tyson is head of the North East Innovation Lab. With a PhD in molecular genetics, John started his career in academic research and has ten years’ experience in the development of molecular assays and medical devices. He has led the development of in-vitro diagnostic tests on a novel point-of-care platform as well as the development of underlying technologies. John has also established and managed the delivery of a range of molecular testing services in a commercial laboratory.

Cutting-edge research, powered by NHS data

We should be proud of the NHS’s position as a research powerhouse. As a nation we have built one of the richest datasets in the world, representing our diverse population and underpinned by a national cradle-to-grave model. Couple this with clinical and academic expertise in genomics, medical imaging, and digital pathology, the future potential is astounding.

Reaching your potential: the benefits of mentoring schemes - Dr Kate Marks

Academic careers can be tricky to navigate as the path, although laid out in theory, can take many twists and turns. Jobs, opportunities and progression may be less guaranteed than in the world of clinical histopathology.

Education at the heart of EQA

Barbara De la Salle PhD is a consultant clinical scientist and Director of the UK NEQAS Haematology external quality assessment scheme.

Why the UK needs an industrial growth strategy for MedTech

Rahul Kapoor is Director of MedTech at CPI. Rahul’s experience has seen him hold senior positions at Johnson & Johnson, Janssen, Unilever, and digital health SME, Medic Spot Ltd. Rahul is an alumnus of the London Business School and the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

COVID-19 - The elephant in the room

Dr (hc) Neil Bentley OBE is an experienced biomedical scientist with over 40 years of science, management, and leadership experience within the field of pathology and public health.

Pathology engagement with NHS specialties to promote effectiveness, efficiencies, and sustainability

Tony Cambridge is Lead Biomedical Scientist at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust, and Managing Director of Thornhill Healthcare Events and Consultancy. He frequently speaks at national and international healthcare events and is a key opinion leader for point-of-care testing, organising his own national events throughout the year

Innovation: the golden thread powering the NHS

Richard Stubbs is Chief Executive of the Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) and Vice-Chair of the AHSN Network; he has been an NHS Assembly member since March 2019. Amy Lochtie has been an NHS Assembly member since January 2019 and is West Yorkshire Innovation Hub Director for the Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network and West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board

Building health partnerships across the globe

Thomas Hughes-Waage is Head of Partnership Development at NHS England, having held the same role at Health Education England since 2020, up until April 2023 when HEE was merged with NHS England. He has worked in the NHS in policy positions since 2016, prior to which he was at the Department of Health, where he rose to the position of Private Secretary to the Secretary of State.

NPIC – innovation into practice

Bethany Williams is the Lead for Training and Education at the National Pathology Imaging Co-operative (NPIC) based in Leeds. A pathologist by background, she has spent the last eight years working exclusively in the field of digital pathology deployment and research.

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