Clean vials, certified

Wheaton recently introduced MicroLiter Certified Clean Vials, designed to allow more reliable transfer of samples to the autosampler. Critical physical dimensions and chemical cleanliness are fully tested to ensure that no trace residues are present, with each vial cleaned and packaged in a certified Class 10,000 cleanroom using a process developed to eliminate vial-associated errors.

Closures are supplied in sealed containers, and closure and septa cleanliness can be maintained using the MicroLiter Closure Dispenser to reduce handling. All vials are checked for compatibility with specified autosamplers and are certified to ensure optimal performance and reproducible results, with easily downloadable documentation to verify cleanliness and dimensional consistency.

Wayne L Brinster, Wheaton President and CEO, said: “We are proud of the quality of our MicroLiter vials. Chromatography results depend on the sample being processed without the introduction of any outside interferences, and we are delighted to support our customers with these new Certified Clean Vials.”