M2-PK: detecting colonic polyps and cancer

Early detection of colonic polyps and their prompt removal is a fundamental goal of colorectal cancer screening and prevention. Results of a new multicentre study demonstrate sensitivity for the ScheBo M2-PK Quick test of 92.8% for bowel cancer and 69.4% for polyps. The ScheBo M2-PK Quick test detected twice as many bowel cancer cases and nearly six times the number of polyps compared with an immunological faecal occult blood test (FIT) also included in the study.

The ScheBo M2-PK Quick rapid test detects M2-PK, an innovative metabolic biomarker that is elevated in colorectal cancer, in faeces and is extremely easy to perform. The patient being screened simply collects a few grams from a single sample of formed stool, using the hygienic collection device provided. Laboratory results are obtained in just five minutes following completion of the simple stool extraction procedure using a ScheBo Quick-Prep device prefilled with buffer, which is supplied in the kit.
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