Digital hot plate/stirrers featuring multistation design

Laboratory hotplates and stirrers from Wiggens demonstrate the kind of creative design that results from practical laboratory experience coupled with ceramic-coated material to produce an almost indestructible surface. The instrument is suitable for relatively mild heating, good for small sample amounts, or relatively low temperature for large sample volume. The material also shows resistance to acid, base or organic solvents.

An advanced microprocessor controlling system guarantees reliability and temperature stability. The bright and clear light-emitting diode (LED) digital display shows settings for the working temperature, stirring speed, working time and safety temperature. A flashing high temperature indicator alerts users for potential of harm by touch. Liquid drainage above the control board avoids the solution splashing on the touch board.

The stand rod holder on the back panel of the device can be used to connect accessories, such as a temperature sensor, conveniently and securely. Three models are available for single position, four positions and six positions.