Benchtop centrifuges

Labnet International has added two new benchtop centrifuges to its popular laboratory centrifuge product line. The C0226R Refrigerated Universal Microcentrifuge is a highly-efficient table top design intended for general laboratory use. The C0336 and C0336R High Performance Centrifuges’ high-speed operation expands their use to applications in molecular biology as well as basic research.

The C0226R is suitable for industrial, biochemical, medical, veterinary and other research laboratory applications, and is accompanied by a wide selection of rotors and accessories. Features include maintenance-free induction motor, large graphic LCD display, 99 user programs, and 10 acceleration/deceleration settings

The C0336 series centrifuges have capacity up to 400 mL with swing-out and fixed angle rotor options available. C0336 and C0336R product features include maintenance-free induction motor, large graphical LCD display, 100 user programs, continuous and short time operation modes, programming of multi-segment acceleration and deceleration characteristics, and password protection