The AltoStar platform from Altona Diagnostics

Altona Diagnostics is focused on bringing to market high-quality molecular test systems for the detection and quantification of a broad range of infectious disease pathogens.

The AltoStar platform enables an advanced ‘sample to result’ CE/IVD-R automated workflow for RT-PCR testing with minimal hands-on time. AltoStar assays include HIV, HCV, HBV, HEV, CMV,
EBV, adenovirus, BKV, JCV, HSV, VZV, parvovirus, HHV6, a-Herpes, influenza and SARS CoV-2.

The new complementary FlexStar product range brings a novel approach to syndromic testing, allowing the customer to define their own multiplex testing panel. In addition, the well-known and
trusted RealStar infectious disease assay range, which offers a common protocol and is validated for use on a broad variety of RT-PCR instrumentation, has been designed to offer users complete
confidence in the validity of results. 


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