New anaerobic jars introduced

Vitech Scientific has announced additional products to join the existing line up of anaerobic jars used with the Anoxomat system. The Mart Microbiology standard jars have, over the years, provided laboratories with reliable performance in a wide range of anaerobic culturing applications.

Customer feedback has suggested that some improvements in weight, space requirements and impact resistance would be desirable, and as a result the company has introduced a new line of ergonomic jars that provide all the functionality of its standard jars with the added benefits that make them more flexible in the laboratory.

The two new additions to the Mart Ergonomic Jar range have a lid that uses a clamp-on system to ensure a secure seal between the lid and jar base with a simple click. The familiar snap-shut coupling is recessed into the lid for easy connection to the Anoxomat. The location of the coupling, foldaway handle and the design of the lids allow the assembled jars to be stacked and the design also allows them to be nested together, side by side. This feature, along with the ability to stack the jars, will save space both on the bench and in the incubator.  Constructed of strong, moulded polycarbonate, the Ergonomic Jar combines high impact resistance with light weight.
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