Flexible assay development

Faster and easier development of customised lateral flow assays is now possible with the new generic Rapid Assay Device (gRAD) kits from BioPorto, available exclusively in the UK from Alpha Laboratories. This open, flexible, versatile platform is not analyte dependent and gives total control to customise the assay using chosen antibodies. It offers interesting possibilities and applications by enabling the creation of lateral-flow assays tailored to individual needs.

gRAD OneDetection is an optimised generic lateral-flow strip configured with both a test line, where a biotinylated capture antibody will bind, and a control line that will capture any antibody from mouse, rabbit or goat. It facilitates fast and easy development of a fully customised qualitative or semi-quantitative lateral flow assay.

Alpha Laboratories offers an extensive range of monoclonal antibodies including ready matched, optimised antibody pairs that are ideal for use with gRAD for easy development of in-house lateral-flow assays. The gRAD platform is available both as a complete kit containing all the components needed to develop in-house assays, and as individual components to maximise flexibility.