Advances in routine spectroscopy

Biochrom has a long history of manufacturing quality scientific instruments for a wide range of applications in the clinical, life science and industrial market. It has now released two new products to the WPA visible spectrophotometer range, the WPA S800+ and S1200+ spectrophotometers.

The new WPA spectrophotometers are suitable for student use in busy teaching laboratories. Both are compact, lightweight and ergonomically designed. They also include a large display that is easy to read and a simple user interface for rapid set up and analysis.

The WPA S800+ is an entry-level visible spectrophotometer for laboratories performing basic spectroscopy measurements. The WPA S800+ performs single wavelength measurements of absorbance, percentage transmission, concentration, and has the ability to perform simple kinetics. The WPA S1200+ builds on the features of the S800+ with the addition of multi-wavelength measurements and life science methods that include BCA, Bradford, Biuret and Lowry.

Both instruments accept standard 10-mm path length glass or disposable cuvettes. An optional test tube cell holder is available for test tubes of 10–18 mm in diameter. A heated cell holder is also available for measurements at 37°C. The cell holders are easy to remove and install, making cleaning and decontamination simple.