Compact benchtop Raman imaging system

The new Renishaw RA816 Biological Analyser is a compact benchtop Raman imaging system, designed for biological and clinical research. This easy-to-use instrument enables the rapid collection of detailed information from a range of biological samples, including tissue and biological fluids.

The Renishaw RA816 Biological Analyser enables users to identify and assess biochemical changes associated with disease formation and progression, without the need for prior knowledge of specific molecular targets, or time-consuming labelling or staining. Its easy-to-use hardware and software makes it the highest performing Raman spectroscopy tool suitable for the clinical research environment.

The RA816 obtains detailed information on the distribution and number of biochemical species within biological samples, including tissue biopsies, tissue sections and biological fluids. It brings together the analytical power of Raman spectroscopy and advanced optical and spectroscopic imaging technologies in a compact, simple-to=use, robust system.