Cell culture microbioreactor system

Sartorius Stedim Biotech (SSB) has introduced its new generation of ambr 15 cell culture automated microbioreactor system. The Generation 2 is the successor to the well-established ambr 15 cell culture system, proven in the industry to significantly reduce cell line development timelines and increase laboratory productivity. The new system offers increased flexibility and expanded capability for clone selection, media and feed optimisation, and early process development work.

The ambr 15 cell culture Generation 2, based on SSB’s gold-standard ambr technology, replicates laboratory-scale bioreactor performance at the microscale (10–15 mL) and controls up to 48 single-use bioreactor cultures in parallel. Its new design incorporates novel features to provide greater process flexibility, expands the system’s functionality, and allows more applications to be investigated. In addition, a new ambr clone selection software provides simplified, streamlined multivariate data analysis for faster, more consistent cell line screening and ranking.

Selection of clones, media and feeds can be performed under perfusion mimic conditions using new functionality to bleed large volumes of culture and quickly remove spent media from the ambr 15 microbioreactors. A new flexible workstation layout and an expanded tip bin capacity provide greater operator walkaway time.