Olympus camera facilitates engagement in the classroom

The WLAN-capable Olympus EP50 camera allows every microscope in a classroom to become a wireless imaging system, while also facilitating full standalone applications. The five-megapixel colour camera combines a full HD live image with fast, real-time sharing via smartphones and tablets – without the need for a PC.

Equipped with a WLAN-capable Olympus EP50 camera, every microscope in a classroom becomes a wireless imaging system. Using its own WLAN signal, the five-megapixel camera can stream high-resolution images and full HD videos to mobile devices or WLAN-enabled PCs and laptops. When wired LAN is required, the Olympus EP50 camera can also be integrated into network structures using a USB-to-Ethernet adaptor.

Users can control the EP50 camera through the free EPview app for mobile devices and software for Windows PCs, offering annotating, measuring, image processing and sharing functionality. Additionally, the onboard imaging software enables the EP50 camera to be controlled without a computer or a mobile device in standalone mode.