Sophisticated next-generation centrifugation systems

Scientists can now access a series of sophisticated next-generation centrifugation systems designed to offer improved performance, reliability, consistency and safety. These centrifugation systems are among the first to feature a full-colour, user-friendly touchscreen interface, enabling an advanced level of functionality for improved laboratory efficiencies.

Featuring an ergonomically enhanced, novel industrial design complemented by a wide range of rotors, the Thermo Scientific General Purpose Pro centrifuge series has been developed to deliver a safe and regulatory-compliant benchtop separation solution to meet an array of application needs, from clinical protocols and cell culture procedures to microplate processing. The series has been equipped with an advanced touchscreen interface that gives users easy access to prestored protocols, temperature control and system health checks to improve productivity and reduce time spent performing manual maintenance.

"Today’s increasingly complex laboratory workflows call for centrifugation solutions that are simple, practical and safe to use by all operators," said Sung-Dae Hong (Vice President and General Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific). "Building on our vast experience of more than eight decades dedicated to delivering market-leading centrifugation systems, and our commitment to develop solutions for our customers’ unmet needs, we’ve created the General Purpose Pro centrifuge series, with new technologies that push the boundaries of performance for benchtop centrifuges."