Prototype microbial air sampler on show

Cherwell, distributors of the ImpactAir range of microbial air samplers from Pinpoint Scientific, will be displaying the prototype of the new ImpactAir ISO-90 Monitoring Platform on its stand at Pharmig’s Annual Conference (13–14 November, Nottingham Belfry Hotel). ImpactAir is designed for continuous monitoring in high-grade areas, where in-process sampling of viable particles is often critical. The ImpactAir ISO is a modular system designed to integrate into isolators or RABS, using an external controller and remotely located air mover.

The new ImpactAir ISO model can be designed in almost any orientation using standard or custom-made connections. The ISO-90-Monitoring Head features a chamber for 90-mm agar plates and a highly efficient slit to agar sampling method to give highly reliable and consistent results.  The low D50 value and ability to sample for long periods makes the ISO-90 ideal for continuous monitoring.