Integrated microplate handling and single cell analysis

Sphere Fluidics and Peak Analysis and Automation (PAA) have announced the optimisation of the Cyto-Mine Single Cell Analysis System through integration with PAA’s automated plate handler, S-LAB. The addition of S-LAB to the Cyto-Mine provides researchers with a further streamlined solution for single-cell analysis.

Combining automated microplate handling with the Cyto-Mine offers a simple solution to minimise hands-on involvement and reduce timelines in antibody discovery and cell line development. By replacing manual barcode scanning of multiwell microtitre plates and plate loading in the final picodroplet dispensing phase of the Cyto-Mine, the integration of S-LAB increases user flexibility, overall throughput and efficiency.

The integrated system combines single-cell screening, sorting, imaging, isolation and clone verification, and can process up to 40 million heterogeneous mammalian cells in a few hours. It has a small footprint to enable use in a cell culture hood, which, coupled with the de-lidding capability of S-LAB, ensures that the processed cells remain sterile.

The launch follows the announcement of Sphere Fluidics and PAA’s collaboration in January 2019, and consolidates 10 months of research optimising the communication between both devices. PAA has utilised the flexible application programming interface (API) of the Cyto-Mine Studio Software Suite to communicate easily with S-LAB across a range of analytical cellular procedures, offering a simple add-on for Cyto-Mine users.