RCPath chooses Dr Bernie Croal as President Elect

Dr Bernie Croal has been elected by the College membership as President Elect of The Royal College of Pathologists.

Dr Bernie Croal is an NHS chemical pathologist from Aberdeen specialising in intravenous nutritional support. He also oversees laboratory services at the Cleveland Clinic in London via TDL. He is a science and medicine graduate, and has trained in general medicine, chemical pathology and Health Services/Public Health Research. He has spent a long career in various leadership roles within NHS Scotland including clinical director and regional lead for pathology, NHS Scotland demand optimisation lead and chair of the Scottish Clinical Biochemistry Network (SCBN).

He is the current (2021–2023) President of the Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (ACB-UK). He is a fellow of both the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow and the Institute of Biomedical Science. Within RCPath he has chaired many committees, been Scotland Regional Council Chair for nine years and a Trustee for 13 years. He served as College Vice President from 2011 to 2014.

Professor Mike Osborn, President, The Royal College of Pathologists said: "I am delighted to announce that Dr Bernie Croal has been appointed as President Elect of The Royal College of Pathologists. Bernie will bring a wealth of insight to the role, both from his extensive clinical experience as well from his time serving as a College Trustee working in a number of roles, most recently as Chair of RCPath Scotland Regional Council.

“I know Bernie will bring a new perspective to the future of the College and how it can continue to support all its members to deliver excellent 21st century healthcare in a post-pandemic world. I also know he will do an excellent job of representing all our members across all 17 specialties both in the UK and internationally."

Dr Bernie Croal added: "I am delighted and honoured to be elected as President of the Royal College of Pathologists. Pathology is more important than ever, and as President, I will work to ensure that the work of the College continues to be vital and relevant to members and most importantly to patients. As President, I will strive to ensure I represent all members across all 17 specialties throughout all stages throughout their career. I will make the case for the vital importance of pathology services in healthcare at every available opportunity.

“I would also like to thank my predecessor Professor Mike Osborn. Having worked with him over many years at the College, I know he will pass on a College with a strong track record of raising the profile of pathology, partnership working and developing the College services that our members need. I thank him for all he has done during his time as President."


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