Improved haemolysis, icterus and lipaemia detection

Stago has introduced the latest member of the Max Generation, the STA R Max2. This high-throughput system incorporates the Expert Pre-analytical Check (EPC), a special module to help detect haemolysis, icterus and lipaemia (HIL) interferences. The STA R Max2 also incorporates new single resolution pipettors (PSR) which improve precision and reduce hands-on maintenance time.

The STA R Max2 includes a number of time-saving features to improve productivity and efficiency. It can operate from a large index range without any dilution, requiring no extra plasma volume. The new instrument also carries out an automatic sample volume check prior to analysis. 

With the new PSR system, there is no longer any need to replace parts that were in the Hamylton syringe configuration. Stago estimates that laboratories can reduce user maintenance time by up to 76%, compared with previous models, when using a cap-piecing module, and 36% without a cap-piecing feature.


The Max portfolio of haemostasis analysers was designed for ‘hub and spoke’ networks, with the STA R Max2 specially developed for high-volume laboratories.  It is able to deliver a high throughput, even with a mixed panel of tests. These scalable platforms can be adapted to any laboratory set-up, either as standalone systems or connected to the laboratory’s automation track system. 

The STA R Max2 takes 1000 cuvettes, up to 215 samples and the choice of up to 75 cooled reagent positions. The system is able to handle all sizes of tube, including paediatric and small-volume samples. Ergonomically designed, the STA R Max2 is ready to operate 24/7 without any start-up time required. 


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